Gorst Coalition

Key Benefit: Reduces mainline travel time by 16% from Port Orchard to Kitsap Way and 14% shorter from the Naval Base Kitsap to Port Orchard.

Over a year ago, a group of diverse community partners from Kitsap and Mason Counties came together to formulate the Gorst Coalition, with the goal to bring Federal and State resources to address the longstanding needs of the Gorst Corridor. The Members of the Gorst Coalition recognized the urgent need to relieve severe traffic congestion, make needed safety improvements, provide resiliency from sea level rise and seismic events, support vital National Security objectives and reduce our impacts on the Gorst Corridor ecosystem. The Coalition builds on previous community efforts to come together to address this generational transportation project. Working in partnership with Federal, State, local and Tribal governments along with community organizations, labor unions, and businesses, we are seeking $457 million from the State Legislature to fund this project.