Business Development

Supporting Kitsap County’s Growth

The Port of Bremerton offers businesses and industries premier office and manufacturing space — plus access to Kitsap’s superior workforce.

Businesses also benefit from the Port’s transportation network, with easy air, road, harbor, and rail shipping access. The Port’s cutting-edge fiber-optic telecommunications and Kitsap’s uncongested roadways and desirable communities give our businesses an edge. These businesses supply over 2,500 jobs essential to Kitsap County’s continued growth.

Quality of Life on the Kitsap Peninsula+

Kitsap County is a beautiful enclave on the Olympic Peninsula just across the Puget Sound from Seattle. With the convenience of everything you need within a short drive, plus large swaths of land, you’re sure to make a wonderful home here.

Doing Business at the Port of Bremerton+

Have it all! Low costs, easy shipping, prime workforce, quality of life! There are many good reasons to expand or relocate your business in the natural beauty of south Kitsap County in western Washington state.

South Puget Sound Foreign-Trade Zone #216+

We can give you and your business a competitive edge with our Foreign Trade-Zone designation.

Kitsap Aerospace & Defense Alliance (KADA)+

KADA is a public-private association that promotes opportunities for business growth in the aerospace industry, both commercial and defense, in Kitsap County. KADA strives to advance Kitsap County as a market leader in the innovation and advanced manufacturing of products, goods and services for the aerospace and defense industries.